Custom Badge Designs

Enhanced Readability

Improve Networking & Socializing

Create memorable conference badges using Using the custom design feature (available with an account upgrade) the design of the badge/nametag can be totally customized.

Custom name tag design features:

  • technology - automatically scales the font size to fill as much of the badge as possible (which improves readablity)
  • Support for a custom "detail" field per attendee. Example uses:
    • Role, Company Name, Email Address, Funny Quote, etc.
  • Add custom text - ideal for additional event information
  • Automatic Event Name insertion - allows the same design to be used for multiple events
  • Custom Images - great for:
    • Conference logo, Sponsors logos, Minature maps, Beautiful images, etc.
  • Personalized Avatar Images:
    • Great for matching people in real life with their online persona.
    • Random images are substituted when no personal avatar is supplied. Can be great talking point.

Watch the Conference Custom Badge Design video to see how easy it is to create custom name badge templates for your next conference or event. Or see the blog for real photo examples of conference badges.

Conference Badge Design

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