QR-Code Badges & Labels

Quick-Response-Code Name Badges.

QR Codes (abbreviated from Quick Response Code ) can be added to your name badges, labels, or place name cards using Big.first.name. The Detail or Full Name fields from your guest list can be encoded and printed on your badges for easy scanning and tracking at your event. We have a variety of QR-Code Design Templates to choose from for use with badges or Labels

Our QR Code Name Badges & QR Code Labels include:

  • Pre-configured template sizes for labels and badges.
  • Easy-to-read fonts. Automatic scaling of the font size so that the guest name and details fills as much of the badge as possible.
  • The QR-Code "Detail" for each guest or label could contain information such as
    • Ticket Number
    • Registration Number
    • Email Address
    • Web URL Address
    • Unique Tracking URL
    • Fun Fact
    • Random Prize
    • etc.
  • Custom color for the QR-Code
  • Custom Images & Personalised Guest Photos

QR-Codes can also be added to your own Custom Design.