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2 New Halloween Name Badge and Tent Card Templates

Spooks, spirits, specters, ghosts, ghouls, phantoms, frankenstien, witches and superheroes. Halloween can be a confusing time trying to work out exactly who is who.

We're happy to announce two new designs to help add something special to your halloween festivities.

<a href='/design_templates/103-halloween-name-plate' title='View Design Details for Halloween Name Plate'> <img alt='nametag name badge halloween name plate' class='page_layout' src='/design_templates/103-halloween-name-plate/preview.png' width=270 height=350> </a> <a href='/design_templates/104-halloween-name-badge' title='View Design Details for Halloween Name Badge'> <img alt='nametag name badge design Halloween Name Badge' class='page_layout' src='/design_templates/104-halloween-name-badge/preview.png' width=270 height=350> </a>

These designs are perfect for created Halloween Name Badges and Halloween Tent Card Place Name Cards.